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TG4 turns to Novaerus technology as focus falls on importance of air hygiene
26 May 2021 : Nathan Griffin
The importance of air hygiene in indoor environments such as workplace settings will be a key focus as Ireland eases out of restrictions in the coming weeks and months.

With global research confirming the airborne transmission of COVID-19 being a far greater risk than via surfaces or objects, TG4 has been leading the way by introducing the medical grade Novaerus air dis-infection device at its premises in Baile na hAbhann in Galway, in tandem with essential safety measures. 

The Novaerus devices at the TG4 headquarter offices are supporting continued public service operations at the station since December. The devices are being used in workspaces that have restricted ventilation to ensure the air is clean and to safeguard the wellbeing of staff, as well as visitors at the station.  

The Irish-manufactured and designed medical grade Novaerus devices use patented “NanoStrike” plasma technology that has been proven to inactivate 99.997% of Sars-CoV-2 the virus that causes coronavirus as well as all airborne viruses and bacteria including mumps, measles, and flu, all year round.  It is used in 65 countries worldwide, supporting industries with additional frontline protection, to continue to operate safely.  

“For TG4 the safety of our staff is paramount,” Neil Keaveny, Director of Technology at TG4 told IFTN. “Through these difficult days of COVID-19, the Novaerus devices have helped us be confident that we are providing as safe an environment as possible while giving staff the reassurance that their health and wellbeing is prioritised.” 

Deirdre Devitt, CEO of Novaerus at McGreals, which distributes the devices in Ireland, said that “airborne transmission continues to drive the pandemic and mitigation of the associated risks needs to be addressed as we begin our phased reopening in Ireland”. 

“The innovative Novaerus NanoStrike technology obliterates pathogens in the air at DNA level, in a sub-second time frame without generating any harmful by-products, ensuring the air is clean 24/7,” Devitt added. “The devices are a real solution for the continued and long-term protection of breathable air in indoor environments.” 

“TG4 has shown tremendous foresight in installing the devices to protect their team, which is great to see and demonstrates how other businesses can move forward at this time. Other clients in the West of Ireland include Peroptyx and Andrea Concannon Opticians. In addition to clean air, Andrea Concannon Opticians have also noted a reduction in absenteeism rates and an improvement with staff members asthma symptoms since using Novaerus devices.  The focus on clean air needs to be part of the solution as businesses navigate through this pandemic as well as considering other inevitable outbreaks of infectious diseases in the future,” Devitt concluded. 

Click here for more information about Novaerus NanoStrike Technology.

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