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Boy Eats Girl
YEAR: 2005
DIRECTOR: Stephen Bradley    
WRITER: Derek Landy      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Element Films Odyssey Entertainment    Isle of Man Film
PRODUCER:    Ed Guiney    Andrew Lowe   
CAST: Samantha Mumba    David Leon    Laurence Kinlan    Tadhg Murphy    Sara James    Mark Huberman  
EDITOR: Dermot Diskin      
DOP: Balazs Bolygo      

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Best Supporting Actor in Film - Tadgh Murphy
Best Supporting Actress in Film - Deirdre O'Kane
Best Production Design for Film - Anna Rackard
Best Costume for Film - Susan Scott
Best Sound in Film/TV

The night Nathan chooses to tell Jessica that he's in love with her is the night he dies. Fortunately, through the ancient power of voodoo, his mother brings him back from the dead. But he's not the same: he can't feel pain, he has no pulse, and he has a desire to eat human flesh. One careless bite in a fight with the school bully and he spreads the infection. The town is soon terrorised by teenage flesh-eaters and Nathan is the only one who can save Jessica and the rest of his friends before he turns against them.

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