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Dead Bodies
Feature 85 mins
YEAR: 2003
DIRECTOR: Robert Quinn    
WRITER: Derek Landy      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Distinguished Features   
PRODUCER: David McLoughlin    Claire Sculy    Kevin Menton (Exec Producer)   
CAST: Andrew Scott    Kelly Reilly    Sean McGinley    Gerard McSorley         
DOP: Donal Gilligan      

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Irish Film & Television Awards 2003:
Best Actor in a Film Winner
Best Editing Winner The situation is brought abruptly back into focus by the return of ex-girlfriend Jean: high maintenance and anti-everything, except making Tommy miserable. When, during one of their frequent 'domestics' he confronts a dilemma far greater than what party to go to.

What follows is a story of compromise and corruption as Tommy realises his lies are not the only ones and that once you step into darkness, it becomes difficult to see where you're going.

Additional Crew:

Production Designer: Mark Geraghty
Production Manager: Carol Moorhead
Composer: Ray Harmon
Costume Designer: Judith Williams

Full Cast: Andrew Scott (Korea, Band of Brothers) Kelly Reilly (Peaches, Last Orders) Sean McGinley (Family, On Home Ground, The Butcher Boy, Michael Collins) Gerard McSorley (Chasing the Dragon, Angela's Ashes, Felicia's Journey, Ordinary Decent Criminal)

Location: Dublin

Facilities: VFG (Camera) Windmill Lane (Post Production)

Funding: The film is one of the first features to be supported by the Irish Film Board's new digital initiative, which allows for funding of up to 60% from the Board to projects with a maximum budget of Euros 1m. According to McLoughlin, the Film Board are providing 54% of the total budget, with the remainder made up of S481/Irish tax funding, sales advances from RTE and Xtravision (in a deal negotiated by the Film Board), and equity funding of 10%. Bastow Charleton provided S481 funding through their clients and customers, once Distinguished Features had secured the S481 certificate with the Department. Distinguished Features have appointed an international sales agent for the film.

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