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Night Train
Feature 92
YEAR: 1999
DIRECTOR: John Lynch    
WRITER: Aodhan Madden      
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Subotica Entertainment Ltd   
PRODUCER: Tristan Orpen Lynch    Dominic Wright      
CAST: John Hurt    Brenda Blethyn    Pauline Flanagan    Rynagh O'Grady    Peter Caffrey      
EDITOR: J.Patrick Duffner      
DOP: Seamus Deasy      

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Poole is a directionless ex-con, just released from prison, who owes a former gangster boss a ton of money. It's not long before his whereabouts are discovered by his former acquaintances, and Poole finds himself on the run. The homeless, pursued, irrepressible rascal is unfazed; he soon finds a room in a quiet, suburban home run by a middle-aged woman and her mother. When Alice, his landlady, is invited into Poole's room, she is charmed by the world he has created there. His model train system speaks of countries and cities she only dreams of visiting; his "Orient Express" whizzes by the great capitals and through Alpine passes. He introduces her to literature and slowly the two of them find themselves falling in love. Inevitably, Poole's past catches up with him and Alice finds herself drawn into the murky intrigues of his unsavoury friends.Poole finally has to make a choice in his life: remain the eternal adolescent or grow up and become a man.

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