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Cast and crew announced for Netflix’s Wicklow-shot Vikings: Valhalla
27 Jan 2021 : News Desk
Netflix has revealed the principal cast for Vikings: Valhalla, its spiritual successor to History's Vikings series, which recently ended after 6 seasons.

While Vikings centred on the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, Vikings: Valhalla begins 100 years after the original series concludes and follows the adventures of some of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Erickon (played by Sam Corlett), Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), the Danish king, Canute (Bradley Freegard), and Harald Harada (Leo Suter).

Jeb Stuart (Screenwriter - Die Hard, The Fugitive) has taken over as showrunner from creator Michael Hirst, who remains as Executive Producer alongside Stuart and Morgan O’Sullivan (Vikings, Penny Dreadful). The series is a co-production between MGM and Netflix.  Netflix committed to a full series of 24 episodes, which saw much of the Vikings team across all departments return for the series.

Filming recently wrapped on the Valhalla, which like its predecessor, was shot in Ashford Studios in County Wicklow. All six seasons of Vikings were shot in Ashford, with numerous Irish cast & crew featuring in the series. The final season featured Irish Talent such as Paddy Breathnach (Rosie) in the director’s chair, while veteran Vikings director Steve St. Leger helmed the bulk of the series as well as the finale. In front of the camera, several homegrown Irish actors got major breaks through the original series, including Moe Dunford, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Elijah Rowan, and Leah McNamara to name but a few.

The upcoming show will star Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter, Bradley Freegard, Jóhannes Jóhannesson, Laura Berlin, David Oakes, while Caroline Henderson, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Asbjørn Krogh Nissen will appear in recurring roles.

Corlett will portray Leif Eriksson, a Greenlander who is raised on the outer fringes of the known world. An intrepid sailor and physically tough, Leif is the show’s entry into a Viking world in the throes of violent change. Gustavsson will play Freydis Eriksdotter, Lief’s sister. A  fiercely pagan, fiery, and headstrong believer in the “old gods,” she reaches Kattegat as an outsider but becomes an inspiration to those of the old ways.

Suter will star as Harald Sigurdsson, a character born into Viking nobility and one of the group’s last berserkers. While Freegard will star as King Canute, the king of Denmark, whose ambitions will mold the course of history in the 11th century and make him a defining figure of the Viking age.

Jóhannesson will portray Olaf Haraldson, Harald’s ambitious older half-brother. The character is a stern and unforgiving Viking, as well as an Old Testament Christian while

Berlin plays Emma of Normandy, a politically astute member of the Norman court and one of the wealthiest women in Europe.

Oaks and Henderson will portray Earl Godwin and Jarl Haakon, respectively. Earl is described as “the ultimate survivor” and the cunning chief counsellor to the King of England, while Haakon is a great warrior and tolerant leader who rules Kattegat with a steady hand.

Although there may not be much Irish Talent in front of the camera (though Pollyanna McIntosh is no stranger to Irish productions, having starred in both Brian O’Malley’s Let us Prey and Brendan Muldowney’s Love Eternal) there is plenty behind it, as St. Leger returns to direct a number of episodes, alongside Blood and Red Rock’s Hannah Quinn.

No official release date has been announced for Vikings Valhalla but it is expected to debut on Netflix towards the end of the year.

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