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Alan Slattery  |  Editor / Cameraman
Status: Currently living and working in Kilkenny. Co founded a production company called Mycrofilms, producing video content for web distribution as well as commercial projects and offering full production facilities.
Tel/Mobile: 086 3179744
Email: Send Message
Web: www.Mycrofilms.com
Aoife Carey  |  Assistant Editor/ Researcher & Production Coordinator
Status: Available for work in Dublin/ Wicklow area.
Tel/Mobile: 086 1980401
Email: Send Message
Bob Caldwell  |  Editor
Status: Freelance Editor, Managing Director of HOUSE Post Production
Tel/Mobile: 01-9056032
Email: Send Message
Web: www.housepostproduction.com
Darren Chan  |  Television / Film Editor
Status: Based in Dublin; currently completing 8 part series for TG4 'Scealta atha Cliath' and into Documentary for Dearg Films on Ray McAnally. Also freelance work with RTE news. Available for projects beginning november 2011.
Tel/Mobile: 086 856 4789
Email: Send Message
David Bickley  |  Producer / Director / Editor
Status: Freelance
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 6983033
Email: Send Message
Web: www.alchemyelectronicarts.com
Edmond Slattery  |  Editor
Status: I am currently based in Dublin. Available for work in Ireland and the UK
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 2340434
Email: Send Message
Web: www.vimeo.com/user4973787/videos
Enda Grace  |  Producer / Director / Camera / Editor
Status: Currently available for outlined positions throughout Ireland with bases in counties Kildare and Donegal.
Tel/Mobile: 086 390 1993
Email: Send Message
Web: www.dundaraproductions.ie
Grant Mooney  |  Editor (Avid)
Status: Available to work in Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: 087 181 2422
Email: Send Message
Web: productionireland.wix.com/grantmooney
Hugh Chaloner  |  Director / Editor
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work anywhere in Ireland immediately.
Tel/Mobile: 086 603 0987
Email: Send Message
Web: video.intercuts.com/
Kevin Corry  |  Freelance Editor & Assistant
Status: Based in Dublin city, Available for freelance work.
Tel/Mobile: 0857771866
Email: Send Message
Luke Byrne  |  Freelance Editor & Assistant
Status: Freelance, available for work.
Tel/Mobile: 0858439961
Email: Send Message
Web: www.lukebyrne.ie
Nicholas Ryan-Purcell  |  Relief camera operator / Editor
Status: Available
Tel/Mobile: 0505-20001 / 087-2501344
Email: Send Message
Web: nryanpurcell.simdif.com
Nicolas Courdouan  |  Director / Writer / Editor
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work anywhere in the world.
Tel/Mobile: 085 1195689
Email: Send Message
Rj Buckler, CLVS  |  Freelance Videographer
Status: Available to work in Europe, and (especially) Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: +353 1 08354377
Email: Send Message
Seán Keeley  |  Freelance Editor
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work anywhere in Ireland or the UK.
Tel/Mobile: 0863915491
Email: Send Message
Simon McGuire  |  Editor
Status: Currently based in Limerick City. Assistant Editor on Mattie (RTE/GEMedia) Series 2
Tel/Mobile: 086 3894979
Email: Send Message
Web: www.simonmcguire.net

Full A-Z
-  Alan Slattery  Editor / Cameraman Send Message
-  Anna Maria O'Flanagan  Editor Send Message
-  Aoife Carey  Assistant Editor/ Researcher & Production Coordinator Send Message
-  Ben Yeates  Editor Send Message
-  Bob Caldwell  Editor Send Message
-  Breege Rowley  Editor Send Message
-  Daniel Sagoe  Camera Operator & Editor Send Message
-  Darren Chan  Television / Film Editor Send Message
-  David Bickley  Producer / Director / Editor Send Message
-  Dermot Doyle  Producer / Director / Editor Send Message
-  Edmond Slattery  Editor Send Message
-  Enda Grace  Producer / Director / Camera / Editor Send Message
-  Eoin McGuirk  Editor Send Message
-  Fergal McGrath  Film Editor Send Message
-  Francis Gorman  Assistant Editor Send Message
-  Grant Mooney  Editor (Avid) Send Message
-  Helio León  Cinematographer / Director / Colorist Send Message
-  Hugh Chaloner  Director / Editor Send Message
-  Jeanine Hurley  Editor Send Message
-  Kevin Corry  Freelance Editor & Assistant Send Message
-  Kevin de la Isla O'Neill  Editor / Director Send Message
-  Kevin Lavelle  Film & Television Editor Send Message
-  Luke Byrne  Freelance Editor & Assistant Send Message
-  Michael Corish  Editor / Camera Operator Send Message
-  Mick Mahon  Editior Send Message
-  Molly Stack  Director, Editor Send Message
-  Nicholas Ryan-Purcell  Relief camera operator / Editor Send Message
-  Nicolas Courdouan  Director / Writer / Editor Send Message
-  Patrick J Duffner  Editor Send Message
-  Paul Heary  Freelance Editor Send Message
-  Pete Killane  Self Shooting Producer/Director Send Message
-  Rj Buckler, CLVS  Freelance Videographer Send Message
-  Seán Keeley  Freelance Editor Send Message
-  Shauna Maguire  Assistant Editor / Media Manager / Production Assistant / Researcher Send Message
-  Simon McGuire  Editor Send Message
-  Stephen Doran  Editor Send Message

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