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Featured Profiles
Aidan Maguire  |  lighting camera operator / cinematographer
Status: Freelance lighting camera operator /cinematographer. Available for projects nationwide and abroad.
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 267 3502
Email: Send Message
Web: www.aidanmaguire.com
Aine O'Meara  |  Camera Operator / Shooting Producer
Status: Currently based in Dublin. Available to work nationwide and outside of Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: 087 9728884
Email: Send Message
Web: www.yellowbrickmedia.ie
Alan Slattery  |  Editor / Cameraman
Status: Currently living and working in Kilkenny. Co founded a production company called Mycrofilms, producing video content for web distribution as well as commercial projects and offering full production facilities.
Tel/Mobile: 086 3179744
Email: Send Message
Web: www.Mycrofilms.com
Alex James  |  Camera / Jib Operator
Status: Freelance Camera / Jib Operator - Dublin. Skilled in HD/SD, PSC, ENG and OB camera work. Available worldwide.
Tel/Mobile: 0831676605
Email: alexjibcam@gmail.com
Web: www.alexjibcam.moonfruit.com
Cathal Hegarty  |  Director of Photography / Steadicam
Status: Currently based in Co Tyrone N.Ireland Available to work in Ireland & Worldwide
Tel/Mobile: 02837548749
Email: Send Message
Web: www.benburbproductions.com
Chris O'Dell BSC  |  Director of Photography
Status: Based in West Cork, Ireland. Available to shoot anywhere.
Tel/Mobile: 028 37296
Email: Send Message
Ciaran Kavanagh  |  DOP/Camera Operator/Steadicam
Status: Shooting Asterix and Obelix 2nd Unit Dublin, Available Dublin, London and Vancouver
Email: Send Message
Web: http://web.me.com/ciarankavanagh
Ciaran Tanham  |  DOP
Status: Living In Co Wicklow in Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: 00 353 (0) 872562882
Email: Send Message
Web: www.tanham.net
Colm Sexton  |  Lighting
Tel/Mobile: 087 2506144
Email: Send Message
Daniel Fleming  |  Lighting Cameraman
Status: Currently available for work in Ireland or abroad.
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 3759793
Email: Send Message
Web: www.danielfleming.ie
Dara McDonagh  |  Lighting Camera Operator
Status: I am based in Dublin and available to work through out Ireland and abroad.
Tel/Mobile: +353 (0)85 246 6629
Email: Send Message
Darrell Murphy  |  Dolly Grip
Status: Darrell is a freelance Grip based in Dublin city center. He is available to work throughout Ireland/UK.
Tel/Mobile: 087 1200347
Email: Send Message
Web: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2692106/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Dieter Auner  |  Director / Camera
Status: Freelancer based in Galway. Available to work in Ireland and internationally.
Tel/Mobile: 00353 87 2755618
Email: dieterauner@yahoo.com
Web: www.ikandi.ie
Enda Grace  |  Lighting Cameraman / Editor
Status: Currently available for camera and editing (Final Cut Pro) positions throughout Ireland and Europe with bases in counties Kildare and Donegal
Tel/Mobile: 086 3901993
Email: Send Message
Web: www.endagrace.com
Gerard Conway  |  Lighting Camera Operator
Status: Available for film and t.v. work anywhere.
Tel/Mobile: +353851455048
Email: Send Message
Web: www.gerconway.wordpress.com
Grant Mooney  |  Editor (Avid)
Status: Available to work in Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: 087 181 2422
Email: Send Message
Web: productionireland.wix.com/grantmooney
Guy Wolfe  |  Photographer
Status: Currently based in Galway. Available to work anywhere.
Tel/Mobile: 091 552605
Email: Send Message
Web: www.guywolfeweddingphotography.com
Ian D Murphy  |  Director Of Photography
Status: Based in Dubai till beginning of February then West Cork.
Tel/Mobile: 00353 861531513
Email: Send Message
Web: www.iandmurphy.com
James Hennessy  |  Construction/ Standby Rigger
Status: Currently based in Ireland. Available to work in Ireland and abroad
Tel/Mobile: 0877584710
Email: Send Message
James O'Reilly  |  Lighting Cameraman / Shooting Producer Director
Tel/Mobile: 087 740 66 57
Email: Send Message
Joe Edwards  |  DOP
Status: Based out of Dublin
Email: Send Message
Web: www.joeedwards.ie
Joe McKeever  |  Lighting Cameraman
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 264 5875
Email: Send Message
Web: www.avatvandfilm.com
John Conroy  |  Camera Operator / DOP
Tel/Mobile: +44(0)2032140800
Email: Send Message
Web: www.imdb.com/name/nm0175829/
John Fay  |  Lighting Cameraman
Tel/Mobile: (087) 242 7234
Email: johnfaycameraman @ gmail.com
Web: www.johnfaycameraman.com
Kate Bradbury  |  Producer / Camerawoman / Location Fixer
Status: Currently based in Ireland. Available to work nationwide and internationally.
Tel/Mobile: 00 353 86 8886210
Email: Send Message
Ken O'Mahony  |  Camera Operator - Lighting Cameraman
Status: Available for work
Tel/Mobile: 0876503031
Email: Send Message
Web: http://www.kenomahony.com/
Liam Hirrell  |  Cameraman
Status: : I am a freelance cameraman based in the Northwest of Ireland. I am available for work throughout Ireland and the EU.
Tel/Mobile: 086 1057782
Email: Send Message
Luca Rocchini  |  Director of Photography / Camera Op.
Status: I'm based in Dublin, available to work abroad
Tel/Mobile: 0879405479
Email: Send Message
Web: www.lucarocchini.com
Mark McGuire  |  Remote Aerial Camera Pilot/operator
Status: Based in Kinlough, Co.Leitrim. Available to work throughout Ireland
Tel/Mobile: 087 2386880
Email: Send Message
Web: www.hexicamaerials.com
Martin Birney  |  Lighting Cameraman
Tel/Mobile: 00 353 (0)862322363
Email: martin.birney@windmilllane.com
Web: www.windmilllane.com/martin-birney/
Martin Hartnett  |  Lighting Cameraman & DV Director
Status: I am currently living in Cork and and work nationally.
Tel/Mobile: 086 247 8189
Email: Send Message
Matt Skinner  |  Camera
Status: Freelance - Dublin/NewRoss also a number of bases in UK
Email: Send Message
Matthew Sullivan  |  Freelance Lighting Cameraman
Status: I have bases in Cork, Kerry and Limerick but available to work all over Ireland and abroad
Tel/Mobile: 085 1218797
Email: Send Message
Web: www.cameraoperator.ie
Neal Boyle  |  Director / Cameraman
Status: Currently based in Kilkenny and Dublin. Available to work in Ireland and abroad.
Tel/Mobile: +353 (0)87 235 2399
Email: Send Message
Web: www.backfocus.ie
Noel Donnellon  |  Cinematographer / Producer
Status: Based in London & Dublin. Available to work worldwide
Tel/Mobile: + 353 86 8954 196
Email: Send Message
Web: www.noeldonnellon.com
Olaya Chesneau  |  2nd AC/ Clapper Loader/ Downloader
Tel/Mobile: 0861670937
Email: Send Message
Paddy Murray  |  Lighting Cameraman
Status: Currently based in Dublin
Tel/Mobile: 0873667895
Email: Send Message
Web: www.paddymurray.ie
Peter H Morris  |  Cameraman/Editor
Tel/Mobile: 086 8719783
Web: www.peterhmorris.com
Philip Graham  |  Steadicam Operator & Lightingcameraman
Status: Based in Blackrock, Dublin Ireland, I have covered all Ireland and Worked all over the World from Bagdad with CNN to the beaches of Zanzibar.
Tel/Mobile: +353 86 8122810
Email: Send Message
Piers McGrail  |  Cinematographer
Tel/Mobile: +353 86 379 5719
Email: Send Message
Web: www.piersmcgrail.com
PJ Dillon  |  Director of Photography / Director
Status: PJ is a director of Photography based in Dublin but available to work worldwide
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 2363830
Email: Send Message
Web: www.pjdillondp.com
Ray Mac Donnacha  |  Lighting Cameraman
Status: currently based in Galway
Tel/Mobile: 0035387 2411097
Email: Send Message
Web: www.freamteo.com
Rj Buckler, CLVS  |  Freelance Videographer
Status: Available to work in Europe, and (especially) Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: +353 1 08354377
Email: Send Message
Ross O'Callaghan  |  Freelance DOP/Lighting Cameraman
Status: Currently based in Dublin and my ears are always open
Tel/Mobile: 0868109170
Email: Send Message
Web: gauchofilms.com
Russell Gleeson  |  Director of Photography
Status: Based in Dublin, available for work all over Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 2621667
Email: Send Message
Steffan Hill  |  Stills Photographer
Status: Based in Belfast, Dublin and London, available for work all over UK and Ireland.
Tel/Mobile: +44(0)7831 553875
Email: Send Message
Web: www.steffanhill.co.uk
Stephen C. Walsh  |  Director of Photography
Status: Based in Dublin and Cork. Available to work nationwide and overseas.
Tel/Mobile: +353 (0)87 237 2914
Email: Send Message
Web: www.stephencwalsh.com
Tim Lawless  |  DOP
Status: Currently D.O.P. on location for RTE's Fair City - 2 days per week until Easter.... Available thereafter....
Tel/Mobile: +353 87 2548555
Email: Send Message

Full A-Z
-  Aidan Maguire  lighting camera operator / cinematographer Send Message
-  Áine Ní Chíobháin  Art Director Trainee / Videographer Send Message
-  Aine O'Meara  Camera Operator / Shooting Producer Send Message
-  Aisling Crudden  Camera Operator Send Message
-  Alan Grattan  Cameraman Send Message
-  Alan Slattery  Editor / Cameraman Send Message
-  Alex James  Camera / Jib Operator alexjibcam@gmail.com
-  Andrew Cummins  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Andrew Smyth  Lighting Camera/ Operator Send Message
-  Andy McDonagh  Camera Assistant / Sound Recordist Send Message
-  Angus Mitchell  DOP Send Message
-  Basil Al-Rawi  DOP Send Message
-  Brian Drysdale  Lighting Cameraman & Steadicam op Send Message
-  Cathal Hegarty  Director of Photography / Steadicam Send Message
-  Catherine O'Shaughnessy  Lighting Camera Operator Send Message
-  Cedric Culliton  DOP Send Message
-  Chris O'Dell BSC  Director of Photography Send Message
-  Cian de Buitléar  DOP Send Message
-  Ciaran Kavanagh  DOP/Camera Operator/Steadicam Send Message
-  Ciaran Tanham  DOP Send Message
-  Colm Hand  Cameraman Send Message
-  Colm Sexton  Lighting Send Message
-  Colm Whelan  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Dan Rooney  Videographer / Director Send Message
-  Daniel Fleming  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Daniel Flower  Clapper Loader / Trainee Send Message
-  Dara McDonagh  Lighting Camera Operator Send Message
-  Darragh Kelly  Camera Send Message
-  Darrell Murphy  Dolly Grip Send Message
-  Declan King  Assistant Cameraman Send Message
-  Derek Walker  Steadicam Operator Send Message
-  Dieter Auner  Director / Camera dieterauner@yahoo.com
-  Eamon Clery  Cameraman Send Message
-  Enda Grace  Lighting Cameraman / Editor Send Message
-  Eoghan McNally  Cameraman Send Message
-  Eric Greenberg  Focus Puller Send Message
-  Erol Mustafov  Camera Operator Send Message
-  Eugene McVeigh  Cameraman Send Message
-  Fergus Long  1st Assistant Cameraman / Focus Puller Send Message
-  Fiachra Judge  Lighting Cameraman / DP Send Message
-  Finn van Gelderen  Lighting Camera / DOP Send Message
-  Frankie Leonard  2nd AC/ Clapper Loader/ DIT Send Message
-  George Geraghty  Videographer Send Message
-  Gerard Conway  Lighting Camera Operator Send Message
-  Grainne Dooley  Camera Trainee Send Message
-  Grant Mooney  Editor (Avid) Send Message
-  Guy Wolfe  Photographer Send Message
-  Ian D Murphy  Director Of Photography Send Message
-  James Hennessy  Construction/ Standby Rigger Send Message
-  James O'Reilly  Lighting Cameraman / Shooting Producer Director Send Message
-  Jason Figgis  Director / Writer / DOP Send Message
-  Jim Watters  Cameraman Send Message
-  Joe Edwards  DOP Send Message
-  Joe McKeever  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  John Conroy  Camera Operator / DOP Send Message
-  John Fay  Lighting Cameraman johnfaycameraman @ gmail.com
-  Karl Dillon  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Karl Hui  Focus Puller / 1st AC Send Message
-  Kate Bradbury  Producer / Camerawoman / Location Fixer Send Message
-  Keith Durham  Steadicam Operator and DoP Send Message
-  Ken O'Mahony  Camera Operator - Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Kenny Gronningsater  DOP / Steadicam Operator Send Message
-  Liam Hirrell  Cameraman Send Message
-  Lisa Trinder Video Ltd  Video Opertaor Send Message
-  Luca Rocchini  Director of Photography / Camera Op. Send Message
-  Mac Kenny  DOP Send Message
-  Mark Garrett  DOP Send Message
-  Mark McCauley  Freelance Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Mark McGuire  Remote Aerial Camera Pilot/operator Send Message
-  Martin Birney  Lighting Cameraman martin.birney@windmilllane.com
-  Martin Hartnett  Lighting Cameraman & DV Director Send Message
-  Matt Skinner  Camera Send Message
-  Matthew Sullivan  Freelance Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Michael Corish  Editor / Camera Operator Send Message
-  Micheál Mac Suibhne  Cameraman Send Message
-  Neal Boyle  Director / Cameraman Send Message
-  Noel Donnellon  Cinematographer / Producer Send Message
-  Nuria Roldos  DOP / Camera Operator Send Message
-  Olaya Chesneau  2nd AC/ Clapper Loader/ Downloader Send Message
-  Paddy Murray  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Patrick Barron  Lighting Cameraman - HD Director Send Message
-  Pete Killane  Self Shooting Producer/Director Send Message
-  Peter Dorney  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Peter H Morris  Cameraman/Editor
-  Peter Robertson  DOP Send Message
-  Philip Graham  Steadicam Operator & Lightingcameraman Send Message
-  Phillip Murphy  Key Grip/Dolly grip Send Message
-  Piers McGrail  Cinematographer Send Message
-  PJ Dillon  Director of Photography / Director Send Message
-  Ray Mac Donnacha  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Richie Donnelly  Focus Puller / 1st Assistant Cameraman Send Message
-  Rj Buckler, CLVS  Freelance Videographer Send Message
-  Roger Kenny  Cameraman Send Message
-  Ron Coe  Focus Puller/1st A.C. Send Message
-  Ronan Hand  Lighting Camera Operator Send Message
-  Ronan Melia Photography  Ronan Melia Photography Send Message
-  Ross Lemass  Lighting Cameraman / Assistant Producer Send Message
-  Ross O'Callaghan  Freelance DOP/Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Ruairi O'Brien  DOP Send Message
-  Russell Gleeson  Director of Photography Send Message
-  Shane Tobin  Lighting Cameraman Send Message
-  Steffan Hill  Stills Photographer Send Message
-  Stephen C. Walsh  Director of Photography Send Message
-  Stephen Murphy  DOP / Steadicam Op Send Message
-  Stephen S T Bradley  Producer / Director / Camera Send Message
-  Tim Fleming  Cameraman Send Message
-  Tim Lawless  DOP Send Message
-  Torquil Fleming-Boyd  Camera Send Message
-  Vic Purcell  Camera operator Send Message
-  Wale Atoyegbe  Director / Camerman Send Message

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